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couple beetles and a damselfly
PIC - Earth Girl by Janet Edwards
3kame wrote in i_heart_bugs
Took a few photographs with my cell in the yard today:

Here's two green June Bugs in proliferation.

I love their black/white fuzzy bits.

Yelp! I've been caught peeping!

Here is one, eating my geraniums. :/

Tried to photograph this little guy...

It's a (possibly) juvenile Damselfly.

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Damselfly (smaller than dragonflies, wings held together over the back); you can see the shadow of the wings in the second picture. If it were around here, I'd be looking at one of the Argia species, but I don't know where you are. That bright turqoise on the thorax is fairly common (not all solid like that but some of that color) in the male Argias around here. The pale colored abdomen may immaturity--I've photographed both damsels and dragons just emerged who don't have their mature color yet. I can see what look like the beginnings of darker markings.

Terrific image quality with a cellphone camera!

I'm in coastal, South-Eastern Virginia. I think it's probably as you say, a juvenile Argias Damselfly. I Googled that and it looks like the one I saw (just not as brightly colored). Kinda fun that it's called Argias - from argent, maybe? :) Thanks for the info!

And my Blackberry thanks you for enjoying his photographs.

Argia is a common genus of damselflies here in central Texas, and the common name for species includes "Dancers." I think yours may be _Argia apicalis_, the Blue-fronted Dancer. We've IDed five species of Argia on our place, twelve damselflies in all, and over forty-five dragonflies. That was before the five year drought. This is being a good year for them, though I haven't had as much time to get out and take photos., if you haven't found it yet, is a good place to look for IDs, if you can start with a clue to what you've got.

Also, which has checklists down to the county level you might find useful on your exploration.

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