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Arthropod Nerds Unite!

a place for all things creepy-crawly

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I ♥ Bugs
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A gathering place for arthropod enthusiasts
I_heart_bugs is dedicated to the myriad fascinating insects, arachnids, molluscs and other invertebrate denizens of this planet, and we aim to share photographs, news, and art with our readers as often as we can. Enjoy!

And the July winner by a narrow margin is Quarryquest's Cinnabar Moth on Bird's Foot Trefoil, Norfolk


Tyria jacobaeae is a brightly coloured arctiid moth native to Europe and western and central Asia. It's been introduced into New Zealand, Australia and North America to control poisonous ragwort, although the caterpillars also feed on other Senecio species, and each other. The moth is named after the red mineral cinnabar.

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